Geocaching Gets Geeky: 10 Ways AI Transforms Treasure Hunts

Ready to turn your geocaching game up a notch? With the power of generative AI, our beloved treasure hunts can get a futuristic facelift. From crafting quirky containers to conjuring clever clues, AI is here to make geocaching geekier and greater than ever. Let’s dive into ten unique and creative ways to bring AI into […]

Geocaching Etiquette 101: LANMonkey’s Guide to Respectful Cache Hunting

The game of geocaching has many unwritten (and written!) rules and etiquette, used slightly differently in different parts of the world. But what are the universal constants of respectful geocaching that preserve the integrity of the game and respect fellow treasure hunters? Some are obvious to those of us who’ve played the game long enough […]

An Exclusive Offer for The CACHE LINE Cipher Geocoin!

Hey Adventurers – want in on something pretty cool and special? My friend and creative colleague at Cache the Line is launching something pretty amazing that starts with these wicked cool Chris Mackey designed geocoins, but is much more! Check it out here with a special referral code, just for my friends! Use this link, […]

WSGA GeoTours – Our Insights & Lessons

For those who’ve been following us on Instagram, Facebook, or better yet – YouTube – you’ll know that we’ve been working our way through all SEVEN WSGA GeoTours this year, and have captured all kinds of tips and insights for you. What we thought might be helpful is to pull them all together here in […]

We’re All Connected – But the Days Are Numbered!

Geocachers based in the Fraser Valley/Metro-Vancouver area may be familiar with our geocache puzzle series “We’re All Connected” of the “WAC” series, as Mrs. Monkey calls it. We’ve recently posted notes on each of those caches to give locals who haven’t found them yet some notice before we archive them all, at some yet-undetermined time […]

Do Fun Things, Win Great Prizes

Yeah! Do fun things, win great prizes! Every day is an awesome adventure with the LANMonkeys! 😎🙊 Show us your LANMonkey swag out having fun with you, subscribe to us on YouTube and you will be entered to win an amazing geocaching prize pack including rare trackables, a Landsharkz gift certificate, and more!  Post a […]

Bermuda Geocaching – Days 1-2

We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest geocaching adventure travel video, and the start to our new series detailing the ins and outs of a visit to beautiful Bermuda! In this blog, we’ll share some photos from the adventure, as well as provide you tips and insights we couldn’t get into for the video about travelling […]

How Can You Help Lytton, BC?

The day after the village of Lytton, British Columbia set the unenviable national all-time record for hottest day (49.6 C) the town was decimated by an unprecedented wildfire that left more than 1,000 people homeless. The biggest question we’ve heard is “How can I help?” and here are some official suggestions from our friend Marcie […]

Guest Blog – What Makes My Favourite EarthCaches

A guest blog contributed by geoawareCA Greetings.  My name is Sandra, also known as geoawareCA, and I am one of 32 active volunteer EarthCache Reviewers.  I have been reviewing EarthCaches for eleven years now, and in that time I have read and published thousands of EarthCache submissions.  My current review territory is Canada, but I […]

Geocaching – The Best Outdoor Family Activity for 2021

Get outside they said. But not too far. Engage in some activity. But not outside your bubble. After a year of this, it’s amazing parents are able to keep going. I’ve never been so thankful my kids are grown up. But they weren’t always grown ups, and I can certainly empathize with the some of […]

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