Travel Season 1 – Baltic Bonanza!

Join the LANMonkeys and friends as we travel to Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, and Latvia! We’ll take you for a beautiful Baltic break away to explore northern Europe’s most amazing cities. Watch the episodes from Season 1 in order, or skip down to whichever one interests you the most. You won’t be disappointed as you adventure along with us on our Baltic bonanza!

Episode 1 – Exploring Iceland: Our first stop on our epic experience and some breathtaking vistas as we enjoy, explore and geocache our way around Iceland. From Keflavik to the Mid Atlantic Ridge, the Gunnuhver crater mudpool, Reykjavik, and the world famous Blue Lagoon.
In episode two of this season we bring you with us to EarthCache and virtual cache around the world-famous Golden Circle; the most popular Icelandic spots to visit and it can all be done in one day.
Join us as we explore and geocache around Oslo on our first day there. Virtual caches, EarthCaches, and of course traditionals abound. We’ll show you some of the true highlights and cool things you might miss.
Step it up with the LANMonkeys as we explore the art and geocaches at some of the true highlights of the city of Oslo, Norway.
Grab your favourite ABBA song and join us as we explore and geocache around Stockholm Sweden in the next episode of Geocaching Adventures, Season 1.
What do you do when Trump and Putin mess up your plans? Have a unique #Geocaching experience around Finland that wasn’t on the original itinerary! Join us as we check out sights and geocaches off the “beaten trail” of tourist stops around Helsinki Finland, and search for Finland’s oldest Geocache, GC72 “Sun Gear”. Then check out our event hosts unique way to travel to geocaches! That’s right – we’re not Finnish-ed yet!
Join travel geocaching adventurers exploring the centre of Russian history and culture in breathtaking St Petersburg. Our first day starts at Peterhof, the summer palace of Peter the Great, and then we visit the world-famous Hermitage and then are gob-smacked by the gorgeous Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood.
In this episode of Geocaching Adventures we bring you to experience a memorable Geocaching and touring day to wrap up our time in St Petersburg. From the Palace of Catherine the Great to an amazing canal tour through the centre of the city, with a geocache and crazy lunch fun in there too, take it easy on the vodka, Chuck, and join us for another awesome episode of Geocaching Adventures!
In this episode of Geocaching Adventures we bring you to tantalizing Tallinn. This Baltic beauty hosted our geocaching group to tours, geocaching, and lunch with the famous JP Barr, so pause right here for a screen capture to make your frenemies jealous, or maybe here. Or here? and join us for this erstwhile Estonian episode of Geocaching Adventures!
Finally! It’s OVER! You’ve endured 9 episodes of travel across northern Europe with us and here’s your reward. Our season finale, a fun visit to Remarkable Riga Latvia, replete with geocaches and antics with our friends!
BONUS CONTENT! As a special feature for Patrons (and then subscribers) here’s the complete unedited interview with JP Barr filmed live in the market square in Tallinn Estonia. JP discusses geocaches/geocaching tips for Estonia, and smart phone vs GPSr consideration when traveling there to Geocache!
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