Travel Season 6 – Bermuda Beckons

We were enticed by the temptation to travel and take in tropical tastes, so we take you along with us and the Landsharkz to explore every part of Bermuda. We will bring you to little known beautiful spots, hidden beaches and coves, tunnels, caves, and castles (OK, forts, but they are a LOT like castles).
We’ll go up lighthouses, under the ocean (snorkeling and SCUBA), out for dinners and stop at all the major tourist attractions as well as many little known ones.
I guess these are just a tad too long to call them Bermuda Shorts, but you can check back here on Fridays to pick up the newest episode in the season as we take you on our mission to explore all 9 parishes and find at least 7 geocache types as Bermuda Beckons us!

Let’s go for a geocaching travel adventure to Bermuda where we’ll show you secret spots and must see destinations, while giving you tips on travel you won’t see anywhere else!
In this multi-part series we’ll show you how we explored Bermuda during our 2 week stay with the Landsharkz. We visited in October 2021, and stayed at an AirBNB.
From St Georges to the Royal Naval Dockyard and some cool places between, this is Bermuda, end-to-end! Part 3 in our Bermuda travel series.
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