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The Bad Coords Batch

It’s that pivotal moment when you decide if Bad Coords are going to stop your adventure, or if you’ll own them – show everyone who’s boss by being a part of the Bad Coords batch.

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Anyways, the Bad Coords collection is for you, fearless adventurer. Wear your Bad Coords with pride and show the world that you’ll find what you seek regardless of what anyone else tells you.

We’ve all been given ambiguous instructions, confusing coordinates, and sometimes even bad directions up the wrong side of the mountain by someone on a ride-on lawnmower. OK that was oddly specific.

– LANMonkey


Want to get your hands on one (or more?) of these sweet original design limited edition LANMonkey GeoCoins?
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The design features two geocachers in front of the iconic Golden Ears Mountains of British Columbia and the reverse side has the unique tracking number as well as “Explore-Vlog-Podcast-Geocache” across the bottom.

LANMonkey Geocoins
LANMonkey Geocoins by


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#GeocacheRoadTrip T-Shirt
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