Travel Season 8 – Mediterranean Mysteries

In season 8 we continue to let geocaching be our tour guide as we explore the world with you. We’ll find amazing secret spots in beautiful destinations, so come along for the adventures, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe, like, and share – it makes a HUGE difference for us!

Episode 1 – FLORENCE – A City of Contrasts
Join us and friends as we explore the two sides of Florence, Italy. We’ll examine the contrasts of this amazing location while we search for an obscure and bizarre historical artifact – Galileo’s finger!

Episode 2 – The Secrets of SAN MARINO
Hidden up in the mountains of central Italy is the country of San Marino. We take you WAY off the beaten track to explore little known locations that no tourist guide (expect GEOCACHING!) will bring you to. We’ll get lost in the woods, find breath-taking views, and explore an abandoned tunnel. Sound exciting? It sure is! Let’s go explore, create, and repeat!

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