The Geocaching Guidebook

An easy way to get the most out of your visit to one of the most beautiful and diverse places on earth. This is the essential guidebook for the geocacher and their friends or family coming to visit south-west British Columbia.

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This book includes geocaching and visitor information you won’t find anywhere else:

  • GC codes and insider tips for hundreds of geocaches
  • Comprehensive lists of family-friendly activities
  • Top geocaches to find in a variety of categories and ratings
  • Pro-tips on travel to and around the region you’d only get from a local
  • Details on day trips to must-see nearby locations
  • And much more!

Add to this a variety of insights into activities and locations that would appeal to the non-geocachers and you’ve got an indispensable resource you’ll want to have in your hands to plan your visit and guide you around while you are here!

Reviews from Delighted Readers!

I can’t say enough about how interesting and helpful and useful this book is! If you are planning a trip to Vancouver and the Fraser Valley this book will be invaluable ESPECIALLY if you are geocaching.
Jay has obviously put a lot of research and time into creating this resource. My must find list grew exponentially with every chapter I read.
The book is filled with interesting locations for both the geocacher and the snuggle muggle. I really appreciated the extra little tips and tricks he put in regarding parking, how to approach the cache and the general time it will take to complete. This is going to come in so handy planning day trips. Oh yeah, he even included a few suggestions for those too! I especially liked his chapter on Must Finds and Best Secret Spots!
Add in LANmonkey’s Notes and the template at the end to add your own notes and I just know this book is going to be well used, well loved and well dog eared by the time I get there! The best books are !
Thanks LANmonkey for all the time, effort and research you’ve put into this guidebook. Its an immeasurable resource and I can’t wait for you to log your name inside of it 🙂

A must-have for visiting and local geocachers
J.J. Kennedy has done a remarkable job cataloguing the geocaching experience in the Vancouver area with this book. Besides valuable listings of must-do geocaches in all categories, the book is also chock full of information to make the most of a stay in British Columbia’s southwest corner for any traveler, whether it be a few days or a few weeks.
As a geocacher local to the area with over 13,000 finds, I doubted I would find much practical use for myself.
I was wrong.
There are still lots of fabulous places to visit and geocaches to find for me and my family. I will be using this well-written and researched geocaching guidebook for quite some time. It’s clear that Kennedy knows his stuff.

Up to date, Relevant and Useful tips and Information
Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley are wonderful places to explore, geocache by geocache. This guidebook is full of relevant and useful information from how to get around, to local geocaching tips to help you make the most of your visit to the region.
Cachers and their muggle families will all find this book a great resource for anything from a day trip to a longer visit to the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Read it before you leave home and then bring it with you as an in-hand reference. I highly recommend it!


1. The Cities and the Suburbs
Very Brief History of the Area
Geology and Topography
Geocache Count
2. Getting Here
Airports and Train Stations
Washington State Airports
Border Crossings
Highways, Bridges, Tolls
3. Must Find Geocaches
Top 10 Favourites Overall
Top 10 High Terrain Caches and How to Get to Them
Top 10 Grandfathered Caches
Top 10 Mystery Caches
Top 10 Most Accessible EarthCaches
Top 10 COs for Quality Geocaches
Geocaching By the Numbers
Adventure Labs and Where to Find Them
Caches With High Favourite Points But…
4. Where Geocaches and Attractions Overlap
Metro-Vancouver Attractions and the Geocaches Near Them
Fraser Valley Attractions and the Geocaches Near Them
GeoTours and Geocoin Challenges
Events and Festivals
Family Friendly Things to Do
5. Best Secret Spots
Find the Most Unique Views
Where to Hold a Meet & Greet Event
Top Places to Spend the Night
Best Spots for an Adult Beverage
6. Getting Outside the Cities
Paths vs Trails – We Really Mean it!
What to Bring Hiking
What to Know Before Hitting the Trails
What to Know Before Hitting the Backroads
Dangerous Plants and Animals
7. Free and Discounted Stuff
Free Wi-Fi
Tips and Tricks for Discounts on Attractions
How to Get Around for the Lowest Costs
8. Day (& Multi-Day) Trips from Vancouver
Victoria & Vancouver Island
Gold Country
Kelowna and the Okanagan
Whistler & Sea to Sky Country
9. Other References and Help
Geocaching Groups
Geocachers Notes
About the Author

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