Travel Season 4 – Intercontinental Ballistic Monkeys

In our fourth season of geocaching travel adventures – the last one before a global pandemic put the kybosh on travel for a time, we cruised with the Landsharkz and friends from North America, through the Caribbean to South America, then made a couple of stops in Central America before heading home to hibernate.
Don’t miss the fun and tremendous tropical treasures as we bring you along to Jamaica, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Grand Cayman. There’s plenty of laughs, light, and even lunch!

Flashback to January 2020 and remember travel to warm destinations? Come with us for a tropical getaway and visit Dunn’s River Falls and Falmouth Jamaica!
Join us in Cartagena Colombia as we visit popular tourist destinations, experience the city as geocachers, and have a lot of fun Romancing the Stone!
Cruise through the Panama Canal, explore historic locations, and have fun hanging out with us and our friends as we enjoy picture perfect Panama!
Welcome to the jungle! Take a tropical vacation with us – see sloths, caimans, monkeys, frogs and more when we Geocache the Jungle in Costa Rica! 🌞🌎🌴🙊
It’s a trip to Hell and back as we slow-poke our way around and see how many cache types we can find on Grand Cayman! 🌞🌎🌴
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