Extreme Geocaching Adventures

Enjoy coming along with us as we find amazing locations via 4×4, kayak, long hikes, or… who knows? Well you’ll know when you join us for our next extreme geocaching adventure in these fun videos featuring big views, big trips, and big fun! Make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube and never miss an Extreme Geocaching Adventure!

Exploring Vancouver Island, our friends took us for one of the most beautiful short hikes just outside of Nanaimo. Lone Tree Hill is short and steep but the views are worth it!
Join us for a geocaching travel adventure to explore from Gibsons Landing to Skookumchuck Narrows along the BC Sunshine Coast as we start our short series on the West Coast Circle Tour. Have you explored this area? Would you like to?
Join us for a geocaching travel adventure to explore from Powell River on the BC Sunshine Coast to Vancouver Island as we continue our short series on the West Coast Circle Tour.
Join us for a geocaching travel adventure to explore from Vancouver Island and meet up for caching with friends as we conclude our short series on the West Coast Circle Tour.
This adventure brought us back to one of our favourite communities to explore in British Columbia, and we enjoyed some of those great caches with our friends Alispice and Toby. Even with the Atmospheric River warning, we were out for the adventure as this was the first time we had been introduced to that term and it wasn’t clear via the news media what exactly to expect. Come along as we take you for some awesome geocaches, a GIFF event, and then make our way home – which was way more dangerous than we had ever expected as we avoided mudslides, floods, and road collapses.
For Mrs LANMonkey’s birthday, we took the Jeep 4XE Rubicon up the Lost Creek Forest Service Road on our way to Kenyon Lake, Salsbury Lake, and the rarely visited Stave Lake viewpoint. We had some unexpected surprises in our extreme backcountry geocaching adventures, and went 4×4 through some wild terrain. We also enjoyed the beautiful BC lakes with unique drone views you’ll only see with us! Some come on a crazy and fun geocaching adventure with the Dirty Mountain Monkey and see what we learned along the way!
Come along on a breathtaking backroads adventure in beautiful BC!
Check out some amazing puzzle caches just outside of Merritt BC – easy to find, and a fun challenge to solve! Come join us for another adventure!
Explore the beautiful high desert and scenic riversides finding geocaches and spectacular nature in Kamloops BC!
Experience Hope with us as we find geocaches and are amazed by the views when we find Mountains of Hope!
Can we avenge the DNF hiking up the mountains to Burkholder Lake on the Gold Country GeoTour? There’s a lot of fun to be had – come on the adventure!
Have you seen an amazing video or photo and wondered what it really took to get it? We’ll show you now! 🇨🇦😃⛰ Our geocaching crew experienced an amazing all day hike to the South Needle in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve; part of the North Vancouver backcountry in the Coastal Mountains range. The hike is a 28.5km return adventure recommended for experienced hikers. We’ll take you to see some of the geocache hides along the way, and watch to the end for the AMAZING views we got – those bucket shots from our drone as we rested atop the South Needle before our return hike.
Sawblade Falls and Burke Mountain hold dozens of amazing secret spots – let’s go find them! 🇨🇦😃⛰
What secret treasures lay atop Cornwall Hills? An abandoned cabin, rustic fire lookout, wildlife and geocaches await you!
Join our crazy crew of extreme geocaching hikers as we climb to the summit of Stoyama in British Columbia to try and be first to find a geocache!
Have you ever gone looking for a geocache and found the wreck of an old bomber instead? Come explore Cabin Lake and the mysterious Conair 24 plane wreck!
Spectacular scenery, hiking hilarity, and great geocaching adventures. Follow us for a HUGE bunch of finds and awesome backcountry beast-mode!
Join us for the epic adventures, astounding views and extreme geocaching fun of a hike to Unnecessary Peak on the North Shore mountains!
Extreme backroads 4×4 adventure and hiking for geoart and lonely caches! Check out parts of the Fraser Valley rarely experienced!
It’s breathtaking natural beauty and great geocaching in Boundary Country BC – join us to complete the Geocoin Challenge!
Discover awesome gadget geocaches as we explore the Valley Cities GeoTour with you! Find clever caches by Bounce Bounce and Team Noltex on our journey around Kent, Auburn, Renton and Maple Valley, Washington.
Things don’t always go as planned, but if you are open to adventure you never know what might surprise you. There’s some fantastic finds awaiting us as you come along Living Lillooet with us in Lillooet BC.
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