What Makes Geocaching in BC So Great?

If you’ve followed anything I’ve created you’ll know by now I’m an unapologetic fanatic for the beautiful place I am blessed to call home. And there are so many reasons for me to be thankful that this is home.

But what is it that makes it uniquely amazing to go Geocaching in British Columbia? I did some research on that and thought I’d share with you what makes Geocaching in BC so great – by the numbers!

Geocaching in BC by the numbers!

With nearly 50 thousand geocaches to find, the avid Geocacher might never have to leave the province and still never find them all!

That said, you’d be hard pressed to get yourself to all of them – at almost 950,000 square kilometers (more than twice the size of California, and nearly four times the size of England) there is a lot of ground to cover on your adventures!

We have several mountain ranges and hundreds of islands, including Vancouver Island, the largest on the Pacific Coast of North America.

We have 25,000 km of coastline ranging from sandy beaches to mountainous fjords.

Sounds pretty wild, right? In fact, 64% of BC is covered with forests – doesn’t get much wilder than that!

OK, so that’s some pretty impressive stats about what the terrain looks like, but what about the geocaching? Because of the relatively low population density of the province over-all, and with most of the population concentrated in the south-west corner, that’s where you’ll also find the highest concentration of geocaches. But even then, your odds of tripping over someone else at a geocache location are pretty slim – in 2020, the most frequently found geocache only had 200 found it logs total.

And if you are an FTF hound? We’ve got you covered. There’s over 150 geocaches remaining unfound across BC for 4 months or longer. Have we whet your geocaching hunger yet?

The adventures seem almost endless with over 1,530 trails ranging from 1 to 500km long spanning the province, and so many are a very short distance from the major urban centres. That’s the beauty of BC. We have the mountains and forests hugging us on one side, and the sparkling Pacific ocean on the other. We have deserts, alpine, rain forests, bogs, and nearly any other landscape you might desire.

So there are some impressive numbers to consider if you’re interested in trying your hand at geocaching in BC, but what else makes it so great to do? The geocaching community with numerous Facebook and other online groups is there to support you in answering your questions and helping make sure that the game is fun and easy for you.

If you live here, and you haven’t tried geocaching in BC yet, why not start today? All you need is a smartphone, a pen, and a sense of adventure. Create your free account and go (safely!) find some adventure! And if you are already a Geocacher who would love to visit, it’s a great time to start planning to make the most of this great destination and everything it has to offer.

Either way, make sure to share your adventures and plans with us!

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