This is Planet Earth – EarthCaching Pro Tips

Episode 3 “Who Can Enjoy EarthCaching?”

Episode 3 features some great tips on how to get ready to head out and find an EarthCache!

Thanks for coming back for Episode 3 “Who Can EarthCache.”
Spoiler alert – anyone!
But (there’s always a but) there’s some key things to know before you tackle your first, 50th, or 500th EarthCache. OK If you have found 499 EarthCaches you may not need this episode. But otherwise…
We discuss key considerations like terrain and difficulty, and how to evaluate – and get HELP! – on answering EarthCache questions.
Plus – well, a whole lot more information and a few laughs along the way. So drop whatever you’re doing right now (but don’t drop your phone) and listen or watch Keats and Jay give you more helpful advice on “Who Can EarthCache?”

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