This is Planet Earth – EarthCaching Pro Tips

Episode 2 – What is an EarthCache?

Keats and Jay are back for our first full episode. In episode 2 we explain what EarthCaching is and provide some great reasons to try it out. We also tease about upcoming guests and content on future episodes of This is Planet Earth.

Scroll up for the video version of the podcast episode!

Inside this episode:
– Quick overview of geocaching
– Geocaching without containers
– The coolest spots on Earth (and sometimes the hottest)
– EarthCaches to discover in your own backyard
– What kinds of topics do ECs cover?
– Why does this have to be like going to school?
– The core tenets of EarthCaching
– What’s next?

What are the core tenets of Earthcaching?
We suggest that they are:
– Leave No Trace
– Understanding Orienteering
– Basic Earth Sciences
– Getting Outside to Learn About the World

To try out EarthCaching, go to:

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