Flashback Fridays – Share in Amazing Memories!

We’ve started a new fun weekly post on our social media – #FlashbackFriday when we go back through our video archives and find an amazing adventure we enjoyed and share it with you. You never know where we’ll take you or what you’ll experience, but we guarantee it will be original, inspiring, and fun!

If you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook you’ll see a #FlashbackFriday post each week by noon Central time (9AM Pacific). Find all our social media contact info on our Contact page!

Previous weeks have included our adventures to Yellowstone National Park and Arches National Park. I hope you’re curious to see what’s up next!

What are some of your best geocaching or adventure travel memories?
Share them here in the comments below, or post them to FB, Twitter & IG using #FlashbackFriday and tagging me @LANMonkeyGC so I get to see yours!

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