Behind the Scenes – Season 1 Episode 1

Accompanying each episode of Geocaching Adventures we’ll provide a “behind the scenes” blog article to give you details on the cool adventures you saw in the video.  

What should you expect here? Things like: 

  • GC codes for the caches we found
  • Maps of where we traveled
  • Photos and video that didn’t make the cut but were still cool
  • Some of the fun stories we just couldn’t squeeze into the videos

This is the first of these articles and it accompanies S1E1 of Geocaching Adventures; “Iceland, Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon.”

Haven’t seen the video yet? Oh no! Here’s your chance right now!

How Did We Get There?

First things first, right? So our trip planning was largely (almost entirely!) done via the fact that we signed up for a Landsharkz Geocaching Adventure. We’ve previously joined them for their Alaskan Adventure and had so much fun we signed up for this Baltic one also.

As for the nitty gritty of our travel, we flew IcelandAir from YVR in Vancouver, BC to KEF in Keflavik, Iceland

Pro Tips – unless you can get by for six hours on a bag of pretzels, bring food on the plane with you. Standard fares do not include meals. Also, check your carry-on baggage size, as IcelandAir may have slightly smaller carry-on restrictions than you may be accustomed to.

There is another airport right at Reykjavik, but the primary airport for travel in and out of Iceland is KEF.

Once we landed, we did not need taxis or rental cars as we were part of an organized tour group picked up directly by bus from the airport.

There is however the opportunity for car rentals, taxis, and a shuttle bus that can take you from KEF to Reykjavik, which is about 45 minutes away.

Where Did We Go?

Before we went into Reykjavik, our group did a tour of the Southern peninsula where the KEF airport is, an area called Reykjanes. This is a drive  that I would highly recommend as it takes you to some extraordinary sights that really aren’t that far from the airport. 

Key stops of note in this area include:

  • Midlina – the bridge across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  • Gunnuhver – mudpools and steam vents
  • Reykjanesta – spectacular cliffs and basalt formations dropping into the Atlantic

After our drive-about tour we headed to Reykjavik and some folks did an organized city tour, but as the city was quite walkable for us Monkeys, we chose to opt out and walked around a fairly sizable loop (a few km’s). 

Reykjavik – Capital city of Iceland

The Blue Lagoon – World-famous geothermal spa

What Caches Did We Find?

Here’s a list of some of the geocaches we found and would recommend. There were more, but these are at least some highlights to get you started!

Naissance d’acier – GC6CVP8

Midlina – GC2DK2E

Gunnuhver – GC3112E

The Unknown Bureaucrat – GC7B6YN

In a crevice among some large rocks … – GC5ARP6

Bláa lónið – Blue lagoon – Blaue Lagune – GC25643

I hope this info has been interesting, and maybe even helpful! 

If there is something else that would be helpful or interesting to you, please make sure to leave a comment. If you enjoyed it, please make sure to share it on social media and use @LANMonkeyGC so I can thank you.

LANMonkey’s Geocaching Adventures are written by Jay Kennedy, outdoor adventurer and photo-journalist. All content is affiliated with the Wander Network. Experience his adventures on Twitter and Instagram by following @LANMonkeyGC, and subscribing to LANMonkey on YouTube. He is also a regular co-host of the Caching in the Northwest geocaching podcast

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